Our routers were designed minimally to meet your home, office furniture. They are small in size to also meet your travel needs.

A Plug & Play Security Router for Your Whole House

Our Security Router will protect anything that supports Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

  • Ads Blocking

    Ads are annoying, on a desktop you can just install an ad-blocker but what about your phone?

  • Malware Prevention

    Our routers will prevent your devices from connecting to any malware website.

  • Anti Phishing

    Phishing happens all the time. Old and younger kids are prone to falling victims for this.

  • Whole Network

    Once your devices are connected to our router, they are all protected at once.

  • Easy to Manage

    The router management interface is easy to use for anyone with a browser

  • Up to Date

    Router is kept up to date automatically you don't need to worry about anything else.


A Plug & Play VPN Router for Your Whole House

Our VPN router will connect anything that supports Wi-Fi or Ethernet to a VPN tunnel allowing you to have VPN on none supported devices such as work laptops, streaming sticks, and game console.

  • Built-in VPN

    VPN is built-into the router, no need for any extra VPN subscription (for option #1).

  • Easy to Manage

    Interface is dead-simple to manage. Have a look at the preview section for a feeling.

  • Multi Locations

    Up to 15 locations to choose from at router level.

  • Plug & Play

    Plug into power socket, connect to Internet, you're set to go.

  • Up to Date

    Routers get new features automatically, constantly adding new locations too.

  • Secure

    Built with security and privacy leak prevention in mind.

A Plug & Play Hardware Tor Router for Your Whole House

Our Hardware Tor Router (THOR) is a hardware based Tor Router, which will tunnel anything connect to it to onion network allowing you to connect to Tor from your smart devices and phones.

  • Open Source

    The Source Code used to flash and configure the router is published online for reviews.

  • Secure

    Built with security in mind. The firmware is based on OpenWrt, which is regularly maintained.

  • Prevents Leaks

    Configured to allow no traffic that goes beyond Tor. If your device is compromised Router will prevent it from connecting to internet.

  • Easy to Manage

    Very easy to manage interface based on OpenWrt Luci web management tool.

  • Kept Up to Date

    There are scripts running inside that router that keeps it safe and up to date with the latest versions.

  • Supported by Many

    Our code is open, many people review it and contribute to it.



If you know how to use an Internet browser, you will know how to manage our routers. They are simple to use and purely plug & play enabling experience. See this demo below of the router control panel.

Protection Needs

Sometimes you just want to block all tracking, ads, malwares website at once to enhance security to protect yourself and your kids. In that case we optimized this router for your need. Plug and Play and protects your whole home network. See detailed features below:

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Privacy Needs

Privacy is really important, you don't believe us? then share your email password and see what happens. We optimized this router for privacy. We use state of the art VPN providers to flash your router with strongest encryption possible. The good news is you have nothing else to do, just plug and play, the router will tunnel all your devices to a VPN. The bonus is: you can bypass ISP restrictions, Geo locks and have complete privacy at router level. Remember those devices that cannot be tunneled to a VPN like your corporate laptop or your X Box? This router can tunnel them.  Check details below:

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Anonymity Needs

Sometimes you just need to be completely anonymous. Not our business what you're doing, we optimized this router to tunnel your connection through Tor at hardware level. This will ensure you don't accidentally leak your identity. Although we strongly argue against the use of hardware Tor routers, some users still want to use it to browse .onion websites on phones or tunnel IoT devices.  Check it out below:



Use one of our Routers that suits your need best. If you are still unsure what do you need, we're one button away:

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