Pricing options

VPN Router 2.4GHz
5$ billed monthly for our VPN*

Pre-Flashed VPN router with ability to select up to 15 locations at Router level to tunnel your whole home network at once.

  • Single Band 2.4Ghz
  • Plug & Play
  • Easy to Manage
Tor Router
no other reoccurring costs

The only hardware Tor router out there to anonymize all your traffic through Tor onion network for any device.

  • Travel Size***
  • Leak Prevention
  • Open Source

* All prices are subject to change without prior notice, but we promise to keep them as low as VPN market.
** To keep these routers up to date with latest hacks and scam we use open source lists and malware blocking-lists.
*** If you choose the travel version of the THOR router; THOR = Tor Hardware Onion Router.

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